Athol Plantation
Athol Plantation

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Four rooms are available, which can be booked separately or in a group for a wedding party. All rooms include breakfast and evening drinks. Amenities also include cable TV, wireless Internet, and washer & dryer.

Pets are welcome.

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The Grand Suite

With its sitting room, private bath and porch, the Grand Suite will take you back in time, but with modern amenities added, such as cable TV and wireless Internet. And a not-so-modern, but still welcome, breakfast in bed or on your private porch, if you so desire.

$225 per night.

The White Room

With the sunlight streaming through its large windows that look out on the spacious grounds, The White Room is aptly named. The sitting area is comfortable, with the large-screen TV viewable from the bed or the love seat and chair. And an added touch — a small dressing room with a window! (Shared bath just outside the room).

$150 per night.

The Adam & Eve Room

The dominant art in the room — a diptych of the original sinful duo — gives this room its name. Tastefully appointed with wonderful antiques (the bed itself is worth the stay!) and with the added architectural detail of windowed walk-in closets, you will find this room both comfortable and elegant. (Shared bath just outside the room).

$150 per night.

The attention to detail, the beautiful colors for each room, the decor, you can see that a lot of love and thought went into this remodel. The house is perfectly stunning. — Mark B.